Zoom Recordings of Sunday Services

Recordings are audio only. (You really wouldn't want someone to post a video of you in your pajamas, would you!?) Click on the title; you will be taken to a different window. You may need to press play if the recording does not automatically start. The links to the video recordings are available upon request by sending an email to ministers@unityindependence.com.


February 21, 2021: The Art and Practice of Letting Go, Rev. Warren Teachout. Scripture Inspiration: Acts 17:28

February 14, 2021: As Yourself, Rev. David Adams. Scripture Inspiration: Matthew 22:36-40 (Lamsa Edition)

February 7, 2021: Keep On Keepin On!, Rev. Warren Teachout. Scripture Inspiration: Joshua 1:7

January 31, 2021: Concerning Anger, Rev. David Adams. Scripture Inspiration: Matthew 5:21-26

January 24, 2021: Forest / Tree / Forest, Rev. Warren Teachout (recording from 4:30pm service)

January 17, 2021: Artful Listening, Rev. David Adams

January 10, 2021: I Believe, Rev. Warren Teachout

December 6, 2020: Pathways to Peace, Rev. Warren Teachout

Inner peace can be elusive, let alone peace in the physical world. In this week's talk, we will explore what gets in the way of our having inner peace, as well as several paths we can take to experience it more often.

Scripture Inspiration: John 14:27 and Luke 1:13-20


November 29, 2020: The "I" in Faith, Rev. David Adams

In Practice the Presence of God, 17th-century Frend monk Brother Lawrence writes, "Faith grows more alive and active in all the events of life." As we enter into this extraordinary season of Advent 2020, let us reflect on that in which we truly place our faith. let us focus on the many ways we might allow the assurance of things hoped for, the convicition of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1) to be a greater guiding force in our personal lives. Let us discover a faith that is truly avlie within us - and let that light of faith be a beacon this holiday season! (Please note: the buzz in the recording goes away at about 1:30 into it.)

Scripture Inspiration: Matthew 9:27-31 and Hebrews 11:1-3


November 22, 2020: A Grateful Heart, Rev. Warren Teachout

Some people may be hard-pressed to find feelings of gratitude right now, let alone to give words of thanks. This may be due to any number of situations: economic hardship; illness of any kind; worry about the future; negative experiences/feelings around past holidays; disruption to holiday traditions and family gatherings; or even 200 itself, which I've heard described at least once as a "dumpster-fire year". In today's lesson, we'll explore the spiritual principle of having a grateful heart despite what is going on "out there" and the positive impact that has on our lives.

Scripture Inspiration: Psalm 107.1; Psalm 100


November 15, 2020: Eyes on the Prize, Rev. David Adams

The Vision and Values of Unity of Independence offer insight into what it is we choose to represent in the community and how we will bring that about. What effect would we like to see these have beyond our virtual walls? What do we believe is possible? What tools do we each possess that can bring to life what we envision? Join us in exploring the power of Imagination and its ability, when coupled with our other spiritual faculties, to bring our vision into fruition.

Scripture Inspiration: Philippians 3:12-14


November 8, 2020: A Purpose in Heaven, Rev. Warren Teachout

Unity of Independence has adopted revised mission, vision, and values statements that we will begin to explore in today's service. Taken together, these can be thought of holistically as our purpose for being. You may be clearly aware of what your purpose is, you may have a vague idea, or you may be wondering just what your purpose is. In today's talk, we explore living for a purpose in heaven.

Scripture Inspiration: 1 Chronicles 29:16-20; Luke 4:42-44


November 1, 2020: O Mercy, Mercy, Me!, Rev. David Adams

We might be familiar with the story of Jonah, and  how his resistance to following God's guidance landed him in a pretty fishy situation. But what happened next? This whale of a tale is full of the expression of God's infinite mercy, which is available to each of us. We experience such mercy through our own willing hearts. Are you willing to release your own sense of how things should be and remain loving in the face of what is so?

Scripture Inspiration: Jonah 4:2-5


October 25, 2020: The Buzz, Rev. Warren Teachout

Many people are feeling higher levels of anxiety than ever before. Regardless of political affiliation, worry exists. Who is going to win the presidential election? Which party will be the leaders in Congress? What will the aftermath be? How much longer must we wear masks and be diligent about social distancing because of COVID-19? When will a vaccine be available and can it be trusted when it does? Why does it feel like personal freedoms are in jeopardy? How much longer are we going to have to endure all of this? The resulting anxiety and worry have created a collective energetic buzz that is palpable to those who are the least bit empathic and when it comes to temper, short fuses that "get lit" easily. As spiritual Truth seekers, we have the means to calm the buzz.

Scripture Inspiration: Psalm 34:1-6


October 18, 2020: Silent Soul Communion, Rev. David Adams

"I am a child of God, and therefore I do not inherit sickness." This week, we will take a look into the Society of Silent Help- the first iteration of the global prayer and healing ministry we now know as Unity.

Scripture Inspiration: Matthew 18:19 ; "Again, truly I tell you, if two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven."


October 11, 2020: Defining Moments, Rev. David Adams

Last week, Rev. Warren looked into the heart of what it means to live an authentic life. Through the story of Susanna, we will examine how authenticity is built upon an inner framework of choices to remain vulnerable as we discover and declare our Truth. How do you respond in those moments when you have to choose between conformity and acceptance or authenticity? Are you prone to go along with accepted norms or remain vulnerable, standing in Truth as you know it?

Scripture Inspiration: Susanna 1:22-23 (This book is included in those versions of the Bible with the Apocrypha. The story can also be found as chapter 13 of Daniel in the Greek version of the Bible.)


October 4, 2020: Stepping Out Into Your Authentic Self, Rev. Warren Teachout

For many of us, the idea of demonstrating our true, authentic selves is off the table. We simply have too many inner or outer blocks to make that a reality. For others of us, we have no idea of what it means to be authentic. Perhaps our childhood ambitions and dreams were drilled out of us by well-meaning adults in our lives and what we've done up to now is to please others. This Sunday, we explore what it takes to discover, step out, and into our most Authentic self.

Scripture Inspiration: 1 Corinthians 12:4-11


September 27, 2020: Years of Plenty, Rev. David Adams

September 20, 2020: Discovering Joy, Rev. Warren Teachout

September 13, 2020: Spiritual Town Hall, Revs. David Adams and Warren Teachout

September 6, 2020: Opaque Splendor, Rev. David Adams

August 30, 2020: Building Castles, Rev. Warren Teachout

August 23, 2020: Thus We Begin, Rev. David Adams

July 26, 2020: The Greatest Thing I've Ever Learned, Rev. Tom Thorpe

July 19, 2020: I Behold the Christ in You, Rev. Tom Thorpe

July 12, 2020: The Goal of Truth, Rev. Lesley Miller

July 5, 2020: A World Awakening, Rev. Tom Thorpe