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About us

Unity's five principles

1. God is all there is and present everywhere. This is the force of love and wisdom that underlies all of existence.

2. Human beings are divine at their core and therefore inherently good.

3. Thoughts have creative power to determine events and attract experiences.

4. Prayer and meditation keep us aligned with the one great power in the universe.

5. It is not enough to understand spiritual teachings. We must live the Truth we know.


Unity of Independence is a loving, affirming community of faith established in the teachings of Jesus. We share our gifts through teaching, community service, and events that inspire, motivate, and entertain, inviting healing and spiritual growth for all.


We envision Oneness in its truest sense, an inclusive community of love, peace, compassion, and abundant good for all humanity.


Integrity: We live by our spiritual principles; we express the Truth we know.


Faith & Strength: We take each step toward our vision with confidence and conviction.


Openness: We are receptive to the unfolding of God’s plan for humanity.


Gratitude: We gratefully acknowledge and affirm the blessings of each person's gifts to our community.


Respect: We honor the spiritual journey of all people, recognizing and upholding differences as aspects of God’s infinite expression.


Growth: We provide opportunities to build faith on an individual and community level.

We see the innate perfection of Christ in all.

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